Camikara 12 Year Old Pure Cane Juice Indian Rum

Camikara 12 Year Old Pure Cane Juice Indian Rum

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First Indian Rum to ever win a Gold Medal at the IWSC.

With its name derived from Sanskrit for ‘liquid gold’, Camikara is the first pure cane juice rum produced in India.

After maturing for 12 years, Piccadily Distillery unveiled only 3,600 bottles of a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece, with only 60 bottles making their way to Singapore.

The rum has been aged in American Oak barrels and a mere 6.6% of the original filled quantity remained after 12 summers under the Indian sun (i.e. an eye-popping 93.4% Angel's Share).

Camikara has no added colour, caramel, sugar or flavours, making it a 100% naturally aged rum that is best sipped neat.

On the nose, you are greeted with a bouquet of aromas - honey, ginger, toffee, raisin, prunes, and leather. A deeper whiff reveals the wood.

The first sip brings a marriage of honey, vanilla & bitter chocolate.
Further savouring reveals ripe bananas, orange peels, dark chocolate & charred wood.

When you put down the glass, you will be left with the satiety of enjoying a delicious fruit cake, making you want for more.