High West American Prairie Bourbon

High West American Prairie Bourbon

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High West American Prairie Bourbon is named after the impressive 5,000 square mile wildlife reserve in northeastern Montana, the largest in the lower 48 states. High West are also donating 10% of post tax profits from this whiskey to the project.

The whiskey itself is a small-batch blend of two straight Bourbons, a 6 year old from Seagrams (MGP) in Lawrenceberg, Indiana and a 10 year old from Four Roses in Kentucky with a higher rye content in the mashbill by comparison:

6 year old Bourbon: Mashbill of 75% Corn, 20% rye, 5% barley malt.

10 year old Bourbon: Mashbill of 60% Corn, 35% rye, and 5% barley malt.



NOSE: Light caramel notes supported by mixed peels, sweet vanilla and cinnamon.

PALATE: Rich and earthy on the palate with well balanced flavors of sweet corn, toasty spices, vanilla, cherries and manuka honey. 

FINISH: Peanut brittle, chocolate orange and hints of dried red berries.

Great in cocktails, but has the complexity to stand on its own.

Distillery High West Distillery
Bottler Distillery Bottling
Brand / Series American Prairie Bourbon
Category Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Stated Age Small batch blend of 6 - 10 year old Bourbons
Cask Type New American Oak
Alcohol % 46%
Country USA
State Utah
Size 750ml
Chill Filtered No
Colouring No