[EXCLUSIVE] Volcan de mi Tierra Tequila Blanco Tahona

[EXCLUSIVE] Volcan de mi Tierra Tequila Blanco Tahona

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Volcan de mi Tierra  Blanco Tahona is a homage to the volcanic terroir and rich heritage of tequila, meticulously handcrafted through ancestral methods.

A tequila with great character and personality with an elegant body and long permanence - transparent, bright and luminous with silver hues.

On the nose, we get sweet tones of a perfectly well-cooked agave, wrapped with fine herbal notes, mint, rosemary, black pepper. This is followed by softer nuanced flavours such as citrus, floral, wet earth.

Upon spending more time in the glass, different aromas appear such as, vanilla, almond, dulce de leche, cinnamon and walnut. Once again, the slightly smoked presence of cooked agave, dulce de leche, almonds, vanilla, red apple and cranberry. 

This is an elegant Tequila - it has a perfect, balanced, silky, smooth “Crispy” taste. On the palate, it is subtly sweet, well combined with the herbal-spices flavours.
The presence of cooked agave persists, along with milk candy, almonds, vanilla, red apple, cranberry, and light smoke. 

Ideal for sipping on its own, over a large ice cube or in cocktails.

Volcan de mi Tierra is the embodiment of a genuine partnership between the Mexican five-generation legacy of the Gallardo family, intertwined with LVMH’s savoir-faire, two entities connected by their passion for authenticity and excellence in craftsmanship.

Our philosophy involves 0% additives, relying on the finest 100% Blue Agave selection, through the lens of innovation to achieve all-natural flavors through our mastery in blending and aging with the use of exclusive handmade barrels crafted for Volcan de mi Tierra.

NOM 1523
Brand / Series Volcan de mi Tierra
Category Tequila
Agave Agave Tequilana Weber
Grind Tahona
Cooking Stone/Brick Ovens
Style Blanco
Alcohol % 40%
Country Mexico
State Jalisco (Los Valles)
Region Highland (Los Altos), Lowland (Tequila Valley)
Size 700ml